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Jesse's Live bands

Jesse wilde's live bands

The Jesse Wilde Duo


The Jesse Wilde Duo is an Auckland based due that plays their own unique Americana flavoured music. With Jesse Wilde's raw and crisp vocals teamed up with talented guitarist Rick Poole, The Jesse Wilde Duo brings together the brilliance of 2 seasoned musicians into one incredible package. The duo regularly play around Auckland and the North Island with a show that is always a toe-tapping memorable experience.


For a more upbeat duo, The Jesse Wilde Duo also comprises of Jesse Wilde on guitar and vocals with the addition of Earl Robertson on drums. The duo play the same Americana style as The Jesse Wilde Duo featuring Rick Poole with the added beat and skilful kick of Robertsons' drums that really builds on the groovy sounds of the duo that makes it hard to sit still when viewed live. Despite being a duo, The Jesse Wilde Duo boasts a full band sound in what is always a tight performance,

The Jesse Wilde Band

The Jesse Wilde Band

The Jesse Wilde Band features Jesse Wilde on guitar and vocals, Earl Robertson on the drums and vocals and Rick Poole on lead guitar. The Jesse Wilde Band plays a mix of originals and covers, adding their twist with a new unique blend of Americana Southern-rock music and has enjoyed many festival performances and private gigs.

For all upcoming gigs, follow the Jesse Wilde Facebook page for all updates!

Gig info:

Current COvers Setlist

Against The Wind ( Bob Seger )

Boy Named Sue ( Johnny Cash )

Brown Eyed Girl ( Van Morrison )

Call Me Al ( Paul Simon )

Can’t Always Get What You Want ( Rolling Stones )

Cherry Bomb ( John Cougar )

Copperhead Rd ( Steve Earle )

Diamonds On The Soles Of Her Shoes ( Paul Simon )

Don’t Think Twice ( Bob Dylan )    

Galway Girl ( Steve Earle )

Hallelujah ( Leonard Cohen )

Handbags and Gladrags ( Manfred )

extended Setlist

Setup requirement

Able to use our own PA or plug into any PA provided

further info:

Visit our Gallery page to see more videos, or Contact Jesse for questions, quotes, or bookings

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